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Former Gorin Church



Warabi-machi 993−11, Goto-shi, Nagasaki-ken, 〒853−2172

Former Gorin church is located on Hisaka island in the Goto islands. The island is shaped like a horse's hoof.
Hidden Christians moved here from Sotome and kept their faith in secret.
Following the Discovery of the Hidden Christians at Oura Cathedral in Nagasaki in 1865, many thousands more throughout the Nagasaki region confessed their faith. Soon, however, a new wave of persecution occurred, including in the Goto islands.
Former Gorin church was first constructed in another part of Hisaka island. It was called Hamawaki church (the name of the area where it was built). However, in 1931 it was dismantled and reconstructed in the Gorin district, the place where it stands today. In 1985 it was almost decided that the church should be dismantled, but in the end a decision was made to preserve it.
The church sits right on the shoreline. Its simple wooden architecture somewhat resembles that of a traditional Japanese house, giving it a warm atmosphere.

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