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Former Shitsu Aid Centre



Nishi-Shitsu-machi 2696-1, Nagasaki-shi, 〒851-2322

Former Shitsu Aid Centre opened in 2013 after 5 years of conservation and repair work.
Nuns, as well as women aged from 14-20, lived together here and learned from Father de Rotz.
The aid centre was formerly referred to as "St. Joseph's workroom", and is a two-storey building made of wood and stone. In the first floor workshop, things such as bread, sōmen and soy sauce were made. On the second floor there was a textiles workshop, as well as a room where morning and evening, the women lead their life of faith. The French-made wall clock on the second floor chimes at 15 minute intervals.
On this site, four buildings from that time remain, as well as stone walls.

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