2 minutes’ walk from the Gothic-style church which stands in Sakitsu village’s centre you will encounter a traditional Japanese shrine. At the shrine’s entrance, you can still see the remains of the former church which once stood there. Nearby, the French priest who oversaw the construction of the present church (Father Halbout) is buried. Further evidence still of Sakitsu’s unusual mix of East and West can be seen in the contrast between the church’s western-style exterior and the tatami mat floor inside (Japanese churches which have tatami floors are few in number).

The nearby Mt. Konpura, which towers over the village, provides a particularly good view of Sakitsu church. From here, you will be able to fully appreciate the elegant contrast between the church’s Gothic architecture and the Japanese houses which surround it. This exotic scenery is the result of a long process, spanning the time of Christianity’s initial propagation in Japan, its later concealment and its subsequent revival. Over many months and years, a distinctive landscape has been formed within Sakitsu village, and those who visit are invited to step into this mysterious world.