In 1986, on the 100th year anniversary of the arrival of the first migrants to Tabira, new stained glass from Germany and Italy was ordered and made. The stained glass on the second floor of the church was replaced in 1989 by a German company. It is notable for its intricate lines. Above the central altar, the 26 martyrs of Japan are depicted. The stained glass on the first floor was replaced in 1998 by an Italian company, and it is notable for its vivid colours.

The church’s stained glass is beautiful to view during the day, but it is also equally pleasant to view it being struck with light coming from within the church after it has grown dark outside. If you attend an evening Mass at Tabira, you will, with luck, be able to witness this spectacle.

The stained glass from the time of the church’s original construction was beautifully restored and sent to Takamatsu church in Shikoku, where it was given a new life.