Aosagaura church’s stained glass is reputed for its beauty. The window frames are bordered with brilliant hues of blue, green and red. Four flowers in full bloom are ravishingly tinted in a balanced colour palette – yellow with blue, and red with green. The rose window above the main entrance carries an expanse of twelve crimson petals, and also displays other neat, beautiful floral patterns such as sakura cherry blossoms and lilies. The beauty of this church’s stained glass, installed above its main entrance, is most splendid from the afternoon onwards. This entrance is facing almost due west, which causes the sun’s light at evening to shine on the round window in front, and this light falls in a straight line towards the altar. In particular, during the fall and the spring, the area around the central portion of the altar shows the colours of this round window. When setting foot into this colourfully lighted interior, one feels as if one’s heart is also being lit up.