A simple wooden church

Former Gorin church’s architectural style is, in certain ways, very distinctly Japanese

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Former Gorin Church Former Gorin Church
Former Gorin Church

Former Gorin church's distinctiveness lies in the fact that, in terms of its appearance, it bears close resemblance to a traditional Japanese house. To some Japanese, it feels almost like an old school they once attended, and it possesses a warmth which evokes feelings of nostalgia for many.
On the one hand, the church has a rib vault ceiling, which is a western architectural feature. On the other, the simplicity of the wooden floorboards helps to give the church a distinctly Japanese atmosphere. The altar rail is the work of careful, modest craftsmanship. In addition, the windows at the side of the church are covered by sliding wooden boards which, when opened, slide away neatly and compactly to the side. Through them, the efficiency and practicality of traditional Japanese architecture can be seen. It is said that a local Buddhist carpenter named Kamekichi Hirayama was involved in the church’s construction.
Former Gorin church is not spectacular like one of Europe’s many splendidly adorned churches, but instead has a very Japanese peculiarity. The waves which wash onto the nearby seashore make the flow of time feel loose, and local Christians carefully look after the many cherry blossom trees which have been planted outside.