Soft light pours onto the holy statue at the front of Former Gorin church. It is a statue of St. Joseph, who is cradling the Infant Christ in his arms. Each church is dedicated to a particular patron saint. On the Goto islands, both Former Gorin church and Egami church are dedicated to St. Joseph.

According to the Bible, Joseph was a carpenter. When, by the power of the Holy Spirit, Mary conceived of Jesus even though she was still a virgin, he acted with integrity (even before it was revealed to him by an angel that it was by the Holy Spirit that Mary had conceived). His gentleness and fullness of love towards Mary and Jesus is a source of encouragement for Christians everywhere.

The priest from Naru church (the church responsible for Egami church) has this to say: “It’s only my personal interpretation but the Christians on Goto work with an earnestness and sincerity which resembles that of St. Joseph, and so perhaps they chose him as their patron saint”.