News of the 26 martyrs soon spread across the world. Immediately following the crucifixions, the missionary Frois wrote a report of the event, and other missionaries too published books relating to it, and before long the news reached Europe. The martyrs’ remains were collected by missionaries and many were sent to Manilla. Some were sent to the Pope and the King of Spain along with reports of the martyrdoms. The relics were exposed for a little bit in many churches in places along the way such as Goa and Malacca and so across the world people learned of the martyrdoms and their circumstances.

30 years after the martyrdoms, in 1627, the Pope beatified the 23 Franciscans. The 3 Jesuits were beatified separately in 1629. The 26 blessed martyrs were then canonised in 1862. In Japan, as well as in other countries such as France and Italy, churches dedicated to the 26 martyrs were built. Dozaki church in the Goto islands is dedicated to St. John of Goto (the only one of the 26 martyrs to come from the Goto islands).