From Hirado bridge, travel south by car along national highway 383 for around 20 minutes. You will see a small information board which is easy to miss, and from there you need to drive up the hill to your right. Pass along a stone wall and then through a wide field. After that you will encounter many winding curves and then finally you will see the church. It takes around 15 minutes to walk to the church after you have parked your car.

The church’s facade is a charming mixture of redbrick and white. Towards the top, you will notice some kanji characters in big gold writing. These are read as Tenshudou, which means “Chamber of the Lord of Heaven” (an old way of saying “church” in Japanese). If you look back over your shoulder from this spot, you will see Hirado’s perfectly clear sea, as well as some of the nearby islands which float upon its glittering surface. The view from the church is a perfect reward for those who have made the climb.