In 1984, the church which had been moved to Gorin suffered hurricane damage. This damage was so severe that it was in danger of being torn down. However, after resistance from both the local inhabitants as well as from other relevant parties, it was decided that the church should be preserved. As one person who fought to preserve it says, “I don’t understand architecture or religion very well, but through this building I can sense what life must have been like for those who used to worship here”. This person only moved to Hisaka about 30 years ago and is not a Catholic, but they found the simplicity of Former Gorin church enchanting and often visited it. “I found the fact that the church was built by a Buddhist carpenter very striking, too”. There was even talk of dismantling the church and reconstructing it somewhere else, but it is the church’s location which helps to give it its meaning.

On the other hand, there was also a church on Hisaka which was not protected. In the northwestern part of the island on top of a hill, there was once a church called Zazare church. It was beautiful and had wild camellia reliefs. Sadly, however, the Christians in that area became fewer and fewer in number, and it now lies in ruins.