The bricks of Aosagaura church, bathed in the afternoon sun, glow even more beautifully. This is the second brickwork church to have been built by Tetsukawa Yosuke, and its balanced construction along with its superior design even in the finer details of its structure made it a model for later brick-laid churches. The main entrance is a stone arch consisting of columns decorated with plant designs. It is built with Goto stones that were taken from Kashiragashima quarry in the Kamigoto islands. One’s gaze moves upwards to see that high-quality Goto stones comprise the frame of the rose window, reaching from the roof to the cross above it.  The bricks were transported from near Kawatana and Haiki, while the wooden materials are from Nozaki island. It is said that Christians bore them on their backs to this site from the shores of Nama bay, the sight of which stretches out under one’s gaze from the church. At the time, there were about fifty Christian households. This beautiful place of prayer which they built in solidarity with Father Osaki, who was also passionately involved with the church’s design, stands along the shoreline of the Kamigoto islands.