When Shitsu church was built in 1882, Christians living in and around Ono attended Shitsu church. However, as the number of elderly increased, going all the way to Shitsu became difficult. Father de Rotz constructed Ono church as a peripatetic church at his own expense. There were 26 Christian households living in and around Ono at the time.

Many of the Hidden Christians who lived in Ono village had chosen not to return to the Catholic Church after the ban on Christianity was lifted. Perhaps out of consideration for these people, the church is deliberately understated in appearance.

In around 1980 there were 15 Christian households belonging to Ono church. By 2000 parishioners had become so few in number that the church stopped being used under normal circumstances. These parishioners started attending mass in Shitsu church instead.

Nowadays a commemorative mass is held at Ono church once a year. Christians decorate the church with fresh flowers on that day, and the sound of prayers and hymns once again fills this tiny church.