“I received baptism when I less than a year old. And until today, I have always lived according to what the priest taught me”, says 65 year old Umitsuki Chikaharu, who worships at Sakitsu church. “It’s not about doing anything heroic like keeping my faith. I am simply continuing the customs which I inherited from my parents”. Today, there are 193 Christians belonging to Sakitsu church. Although this number shows a downward trend, these people all attend weekly mass, celebrate Christmas and Easter, and so on.

“When I come to church, my spirits are lifted”. Mr. Umitsuki sits in the seat he always sits in near the organ, and looks towards the stained glass. Light pours into the church. “It’s beautiful, isn’t it? The church spiritually supports us Christians. It is my wish that visitors to this church will pray, and that through praying they may be able to experience happiness, however small an amount”.