Oso Church is perched on a cliff that overlooks the Aokata harbour. Its right side is nestled into a carved-out rock face, while its left side nestles into a splendid rock wall. The land is secured precipitously by the carved-out rock and the landfill that guards its front. Why is this church standing in such a location? The reason is unclear. Perhaps the Christians who lived in this area desired a place of prayer as quickly as possible, and rushed to make a site for erecting this church. Yet one could not possibly think thus. This cherished church brims with elegance, sporting features such as brick trimmings, where short bricks are piled atop longer ones in the English style, and the bricks themselves are fired to the hue of azuki red beans. These ornamentations were also used in Tabira church, which Tetsukawa Yosuke built after completing this one. Tabira church’s architectural plans also specified that the bricks be separated by colour, showing that this attention to detail carried on.