After the Discovery of Christians in 1865, Father Petitjean wondered how the Hidden Christians had been baptised in the absence of priests. From their story he learned that they had secretly handed down prayers in Latin and Portuguese which their ancestors had received from the original missionaries. As for the Hidden Christians themselves, they needed to confirm by asking a priest whether the things which they had handed down were correct or not.

Within Hidden Christian communities in Sotome, Goto and Urakami, prophecies (known as “the prophecies of Bastian”) had been handed down which said that after seven generations, priests would come from beyond the ocean and hear confessions. It was said that these priests would be sent by the Pope in Rome, that they would be single, and that they would love and revere the Virgin Mary. These communities of Hidden Christians believed that Petitjean was exactly the man who Bastian had prophesied about, and so representatives from their communities went to Oura Cathedral to see him. Some of them asked Petitjean for a crucifix and medals, and even though there were government officials in front of the church, they did not hesitate to reveal their faith. Soon, however, a fresh wave of persecutions began known as “kuzure”.