Regarding the materials that were used in Kuroshima church’s construction, one of the most interesting things to note are the porcelain tiles which surround the main altar. These tiles, which number over 1,000, were made by Matsuo Tokusuke, the first person in Japan to manufacture Arita porcelain tiles. Kuroshima church is the only place in Japan where the tiles he produced are used in such a large quantity. The site of these Arita porcelain tiles being beautifully lit up by light from the stained glass is one of Kuroshima church’s most distinctive features.

All of the columns within the church are “clustered columns”, meaning that they each consist of a cluster of sixteen smaller, semicircular columns. The granite at the base of each of the main columns is from Kuroshima. Stone from the island was also used for the church’s foundation.

With his deep knowledge of construction, Father Marmand had already built over ten churches by the time he was appointed to Kuroshima. Perhaps when Father Marmand arrived on Kuroshima he resolved to build the best church he had yet, and to use local materials where possible so that the church would be loved by its congregation. His passion in these regards helps to give the church its beauty.