Egami church is a charming, compact church with pastel colours, completed in 1918. It was designed by Tetsukawa Yosuke, who at that time was working on churches in many different areas. The church has a wooden roof covered with tiles and a rib vault ceiling (the bosses on the ceiling have a flower design). It is an elegant mix of western and eastern styles.

The church faces the sea and in front of it there runs a stream. In the area around the church, the level of humidity is high. The church’s floor has therefore been raised off the ground so as to promote good air circulation. The foundation stones underneath the church have shells attached to them and were carried there from the nearby seashore. The little holes under the roof (which are in the shape of flower crosses) were also made with the idea of promoting good air circulation.

In 2018, the church will celebrate its 100th year anniversary. In spite of it being made out of wood, the church has stayed in good health thanks to the local Christians who have helped to maintain it and also thanks to the surrounding Machilus forest (the heart-shaped branches of which have protected it from typhoon damage).