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「Orasho―kokorotabi」 is a website jointly and cooperatively administered by Nagasaki Prefecture, concerned Municipalities within Nagasaki Prefecture, Kumamoto Prefecture, and Amakusa City (Kumamoto) (hereinafter referred to as 「Nagasaki-ken et al.」.
When using our site, please read and understand the following conditions of usage and restrictions. By entering our site, we will consider you have read, understood and consented to the terms.


Although great care has been taken in presenting all information posted on this site, we cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of all or any information contained.
Furthermore, the contents may be amended without prior notice.
Nagasaki-ken et al. shall not be held liable for any direct or indirect damages arising from the use of information or other content in this site by a visitor.


Intellectual property rights to all text, photographs and images contained in this site belong to Nagasaki-ken et al. and to the third party providers of such material.
Except for usage allowed under copyright laws, such as “duplication for personal use” and “citation use”, all other usage of any content (duplication, modification, distribution, public transmission, etc) are prohibited without the prior consent of the copyright holder(s).


Linking to this site is, in principle, allowed.
Please do not set up links described below.

  • Linking to sites that aims to defame Nagasaki-ken et al. or to damage the credibility thereof.
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  • Links to sites which violate laws, ordinances and other legal statutes; sites which are deemed offensive to public order and morals; sites which obstructs or may obstruct the management of our website.

We recommend linking to our top page. The lower pages may have its URL changed or even deleted without prior warning.
Also, we make no guarantees about the content of sites linked to or from our website.

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At our website, we record information such as the domain name, IP address, date and time for each user at the time of access. This is done for the sole purpose of monitoring the access status, such as whether there were any unauthorized accesses, and will not be disclosed to any outside third parties without taking the proper procedures for disclosure.
In any case, this information is not sufficient to specifically identify any individual.