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Shitsu church



Nishi-Shitsu-machi 2602, Nagasaki-shi, 〒851-2322

In September 1865, following the Discovery of the Hidden Christians at Nagasaki's Oura Cathedral in March of the same year, Father Petitjean (the priest to whom they had confessed their faith) visited Sotome and successfully made contact with Hidden Christians living there.
After the lifting of the ban on Christianity, Father Pelu built a temporary church in Shitsu and undertook missionary work. In 1879, Father de Rotz was appointed to Shitsu He soon designed and built Shitsu church, which was consecrated in 1882.
The church has two bell towers, giving it a distinctive appearance. These were added during extension work in 1891 and 1909.
The church is made of bricks which have been covered over with plaster. One of its unusual features is the area around the altar, which is semicircular in shape and is level with the rest of the church.
It is thought that the church's low roof was built in order to protect it from strong coastal winds.

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