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Oso Church



Aokata-go 2151-2, Shin-Kamigoto-cho, Minamimatsuura-gun, Nagasaki-ken

The people who live in this area today are the descendants of Hidden Christians who migrated from places such as Shitsu in Sotome, Kurosaki and Ikeshima.
The first church to be built was a wooden church in the year 1879. This was located a little to the west of where the present church sits, in a place called Urasako.
In around 1915, the first wooden church was dismantled and reconstructed in Doinoura in Wakamatsu island.
The present church dates from 1916. It took approximately three years to build.
The church is made of brick and has a multilayered roof. For decorative effect, the bricks used on the outer wall are of slightly different colours and of various shapes and sizes.
Inside, the church has three aisles and a rib vault ceiling.

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