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Ono church



Ono-machi 2624, Nagasaki-shi, 〒857-0131

Built for 26 Christian households living in the vicinity of Ono, as a peripatetic church of Shitsu church.
The church is a one-storey building made of stone and wood. It has brick window arches, and highly distinctive walls known as "de Rotz walls". These were made using basalt from the local area, which has been fastened together using a special mix of red soil, caustic lime and sand. Inside, the church has a flat ceiling
The church has a roof truss structure. On the north side, there is an irregular hipped roof, and on the south side there is a gable roof. In front of the entrance on the north side is a "de Rotz wall", which serves as a vertical windbreak.
The church's stonework is of the same kind as that which has traditionally been used to build houses in the local area. This stonework and the church’s western-style roof trusses together constitute a fusion of Eastern and Western construction techniques.
Built in the same basic way as houses in this area traditionally have been, Ono church is a church rich in local character. Its unusual architecture tells of the simplicity of the faith which took root here.

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