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Former Latin Seminary



Minamiyamate 5-3, Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki-ken 〒850-0931

Although it is popularly known as the Former Latin Seminary, the school's official name is actually Nagasaki Catholic Divinity School. It was established by Father Petitjean in 1875 (soon after the ban on Christianity in Japan was lifted) in order to train theology students and Japanese priests. It functioned simultaneously as both a divinity school and a lodging house.
It was designed by another French missionary priest, Father de Rotz. It has a wooden frame and brick walls.
A range of subjects were taught including theology, philosophy, physics and natural science. All of the lessons were taught in Latin.
Young men who wished to be priests came from across Japan to study here, and over the years the school produced a great number of native priests.
The first floor now exhibits various objects relating to the history of Christianity in Japan, including woodblock prints produced by Father de Rotz.

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