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Site of Hinoe Castle



Kita-Arima-chou, Minami-Shimabara-shi, Nagasaki-ken

Hinoe castle is one of the castles to appear in Christian missionary records from Japan, where it is referred to as "Finoye".
It was located in the southern part of the Shimabara peninsular in Nagasaki prefecture.
The region had been governed by the Arima clan since medieval times.
This area was quick to embrace Christianity. In Japan, the feudal lords and other high ranking statesmen who converted to Christianity had various motivations for doing so, while many of the peasants who converted felt drawn to a religion which valued life highly and placed love at its centre.
Arima’s “seminario", where the four members of the Tenshō embassy to Europe were all educated, had a flourishing artistic culture. It was founded on the site of Hinoe castle.

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