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The sardine net workshop of Former Shitsu Aid Centre (Father de Rotz Memorial Hall)



Nishi-Shitsu-machi 2696-1, Nagasaki-shi, 〒851-2322

In 1885, this building was constructed opposite the Former Shitsu Aid centre. It is a wooden-framed, one-storey building made of brick.
It was initially built as a factory for making fishing nets for catching sardines (which was a popular job at the time). Later, the factory stopped operating and was instead used as a childcare facility. In 1968 it opened as the Father de Rotz Memorial Hall, having been enlarged and rebuilt.
In 1999, special repair work began with the intention of preserving this culturally significant building (which had deteriorated). This work took three years to complete. The building was restored to look like it had done between the middle of the Meiji era and the beginning of Showa era.

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