Stained glass which tells a story

Oura Cathedral has a mixture of three sets of stained glass. These each help to tell of the history of the cathedral.

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Oura Cathedral Oura Cathedral
Oura Cathedral

The stained glass which gives colour to Oura Cathedral is in fact a mix of three different sets of stained glass. This is a result of three separate bouts of repair work. The majority of the current stained glass dates from 1879, when the church was renovated. However, in 1945 the atomic bomb blast hit the front of the cathedral, meaning that the top part of stained glass above the cathedral’s entrance was smashed. The blast also caused the stained glass behind the altar to break, and so repair work was carried out. Small-scale repairs were again performed in 1990, following damage caused by a typhoon. Although the colour and shape of the repaired stained glass remained the same as it was originally, it wasn't possible to make glass which was exactly the same. Each set of stained glass thus helps to tell the history of the cathedral.