The wealth of the Arima clan

Ceramics from places like China and Southeast Asia have been excavated from the remains of Hinoe castle. These items help to show how much the Arima clan prospered from trade.

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Site of Hinoe Castle Site of Hinoe Castle
Site of Hinoe Castle

Items excavated from the remains of Hinoe castle show the abundant wealth which trade brought. At that time, ceramics from China and Southeast Asia were highly prized among feudal lords and merchants. The items that have been excavated at Hinoe include jars from Southeast Asia and a type of ceramic made in China known (in Japanese) as houka. These items tell of the wealth of the Arima clan, which established a trading base abroad and was able to acquire things that were difficult to obtain.
The stone wall at the side of the staircase which led to Hinoe castle's keep contains stones hewn using the same technique as that which was used for building Gusuku fortresses in the Ryūkyū Islands.