Candidates for a world heritage

Recommended spot

  • Site of the Martyrdom of the 26 Saints of Japan

    Site of the Martyrdom of the 26 Saints of Japan

    In 1597, 26 men and boys including foreign missionaries were martyred in Nagasaki. Thes...

  • Tabira Church

    Tabira Church

    Beginning in 1886, Father Raguet and Father de Rotz had some Christians from places suc...

  • Houki Church

    Houki Church

    In 1885, a temporary church was constructed in the Kyousaki area of Hirado (near the Ho...

  • Dozaki church

    Dozaki church

    A church built in the Okuura district of Fukue island. During the Edo period, Hidden Ch...

  • Site of Hinoe Castle

    Site of Hinoe Castle

    Hinoe castle is one of the castles to appear in Christian missionary records from Japan...

  • Christian Tombstone

    Christian Tombstone

    An early Japanese Christian tombstone, semi-cylindrical in shape. In 1959, it was desig...

  • Aosagaura Church

    Aosagaura Church

    The first church was built in around 1879.
    The present brick church was designed...

  • Oso Church

    Oso Church

    The people who live in this area today are the descendants of Hidden Christians who mig...